A New Logistics and Industrial Park for Rauma

The Lakari logistics and industrial park is located in Rauma. The industrial and maritime business environment of Rauma, in the south-western province of Satakunta, is supported by a strong export industry, central location, specialist expertise and good co-operation networks. The region's economic development has been positive throughout recent years, and the leading industries continuously need fresh expertise and new partners to strengthen their operations. Rauma's leading clusters have formed around industry, of which the most significant areas are the forest industry, maritime industry and the metal industry.

The Lakari logistics and industrial park will be a dynamic area, fulfilling the needs of both small and large companies. Around 650 hectares in area, the business park will easily accomodate the largest of business premises. The park is being built in an ideal location for logistical connections, between the main trunk roads 8 and 12. It is also possible to connect the area to the national railway network. 

Excellent business opportunities in Rauma