Suitable for Large-Scale Business

The logistics and business area of Lakari is a growing and developing business environment in Rauma. The area has been especially designed for operators in need of space. The infrastructure is perfect for companies in the logistics industry and manufacturing industry and for storage. It is also easy for small and medium-sized companies to establish their operations in the area. The environmentally friendly plan for the area enables unique and flexible plot solutions for various operators. 
The Lakari area covers a total area of approximately 650 ha; phase one will cover aroud 130 ha, with around 300,000 m2 of floor area.

Near the Port of Rauma

Rauma is one of Finland's leading ports - measured both in terms of traffic volume and number of containers, as well as in quality and innovation. The port is growing, driven by the demands of the forest industry, container shipping and the maritime industry.

Rauma´s Logistical Strengths

Lakari creates a setting where different transportation methods, such as vehicles as well as train track and sea traffic, can meet logistically. Lakari is built in an advantageous location in terms of traffic: between highways 8 and 12, approximately 4 km northeast from the city centre of Rauma. The distance between Lakari and the port of Rauma is approximately 7 km. The road connectionfrom highway 12, completed in 2008, provides a direct route to the port, past the city’s residential areas.

Guaranteed Energy Supply

The nuclear power stations at Olkiluoto provide plenty of energy for all kinds of manufacturing.

Flexible Business Environment

The active Rauma region offers collaboration in every area: well developed subcontractor networks, knowledgeable business development services, business-centred research and development facilities, and a skilled workforce.